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Use Cases


Residential real estate investing has become a much more popular investment strategy over the
last decade. However, as more investors are investing in residential real estate, the average
profit and return-on-investment of residential real estate investments are rapidly decreasing.

homebldr provides investors with every tool to profitably acquire, renovate, and sell single family
homes, regardless of experience, over and over again. Our Investment Potential Dataset helps
investors start the search for their next investment and our HOMEBLDR Property Reports
provide investors with the deal analysis, financing options, and construction services necessary
to maximize returns. homebldr is empowering investors to decrease the time required to find
and evaluate high-quality investment opportunities and increase the likelihood of successful and
profitable exits.

Buyer Agents

Home sales is near its lowest point in a decade. Meanwhile, investor activity is near its all-time
high. Additionally, while owner-occupants move once every seven years, investors transact
multiple times PER YEAR. There is a massive opportunity for real estate agents to generate
MORE transactions with investors, even while home sales are so low.

homebldr enables real estate agents to become investment specialists that maximize profit and
return-on-investment for their investor clients. By using homebldr solutions, agents can source
investment opportunities for their clients and provide deal analysis, financing options, and
construction service providers in a fraction of the time that it would typically take. homebldr is
helping agents generate MORE transactions in a slow market by becoming the go-to agent for

Listing Agents

Sellers that renovate their home before listing their home for sale end up selling 30% quicker than those that don’t renovate.

homebldr helps listing agents provide more value to their clients by efficiently analyzing the return-on-investment of pre-list renovations. Listing agents can use homebldr solutions to understand what renovations should be done before listing a house for sale, how much those renovations will cost, how long they will take to complete, how much the property value will change, and how that will affect the seller’s net proceeds. By quickly obtaining this information, listing agents can help their seller clients determine if pre-list renovations make sense for their property.


Deciding which aspects of your house to renovate is always a tough decision. The generic
information available on the internet will likely tell you that the largest return-on-investment can
be achieved by replacing your garage door. Your emotions will tell you to renovate your master
bathroom with premium finishes. But how do you know what renovations will maximize the
value of your specific home?

homebldr provides homeowners with customized analysis and recommendations for maximizing
the value of their homes. We analyze your home and your home’s market to determine
maximum after-repair value, recommend and prioritize specific renovations, calculate the cost
and timeline for completing those renovations, estimate the profit and return-on-investment of
completing those renovations, provide high-quality general contractors that can provide
financing options for renovation services, and more. homebldr helps homeowners cut through
the generic information and emotional fog to make data-driven decisions around renovating their


Unfortunately, the stereotype of wholesalers is that they don’t provide all of the information
necessary to accurately evaluate the properties that they offer to investors. Of course, this is
not always true, but investors are typically very careful when getting into wholesale deals.

homebldr provides wholesalers with solutions that provide a 3rd-party, data-backed perspective
on the quality of each investment opportunity that a wholesaler has to offer. Wholesalers can
outsource their deal packet generation to homebldr by using our HOMEBLDR Property Report
solutions. HOMEBLDR Property Reports provide detailed information for a specific property
including after-repair value, renovation recommendations and costs, competitive financing
options to acquire and renovate the property, high-quality general contractors in the property’s
market, the profit and return-on-investment that can be achieved, a deal grade, and more. This
information provides investors with all of the information necessary to evaluate an investment
opportunity which de-risks the deal in the mind of the investor and increases the likelihood of the
investor making an offer. By partnering with homebldr, wholesalers can close more deals in
less time while setting up their investor clients for success.

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